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Anna DuPree

Mystic, Coach, 

Shamanic Guide

The first time I remember being taught by the universe, spirit, Great Mother, or Mother-Father-God, was when I was about 4 years old in my back garden in England, getting lost in the spiral of a snail.  I could feel, the subtle flows of energy run though my body.  I could see the sacred geometry of the spiral ratio appear in my minds eye, and I could hear the subtle whirring of the unexplainable sound of the universe.  For years, I kept these things to myself. In 2018, I could longer ignore the signals from my body, mind, and spirit that it was time for my connection to the other worlds to more fully come online.  I had spent my life in the study of the spiritual, religious, and esoteric, but it wasn't until I discovered the visions and connections available to us by using shamanic tools, that I developed a real relationship with the Universe and the various energies that inhabit it.  


What a powerful word.  

 It means many things to many people. 

But to me, it is simply the ability to "walk between the worlds". 

  It seems that most cultures have had their version of the Shaman, the medicine man or woman, the singer, the dancer, the healer, the water pourer, the one who does not sleep, the druid, the seer, and many other names. 

I am not a Shaman, but I do feel, see, and hear beyond the physical. I like to say that I am a Mystic because it leaves room for all the mystery of the universe.  I use shamanic journeying as a tool.  It has transformed my life, giving me the ability to organize my sensitivities.  For much of my life, the world felt chaotic, loud, unfriendly, and overwhelming, making me sick much of the time.  But, when I journey, I can tap in to the love of the universe, the nourishment of mother earth, and the wisdom and companionship of the helping spirits.  More importantly, I can Bring it back into my regular, physical life, carrying with me a greater sense of calm, connection, and purpose. I come Home, And so can you. 


It is a sacred honor to journey with you. 

I enjoy working with all types of people, whether you are looking for personal or professional development, if you are just curious or you are a seasoned shamanic practitioner. The only requirement is a curiosity and open mind. 

Krystyna S., Engineer

"If your body, mind, or spirit are in need of healing at any depth, I highly recommend reaching out to this dynamic, intuitive, loving being. Her care, professionalism, wisdom, and heart are what the world needs."

Mystery Surrounds Us

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