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Anna DuPree,

Mystic, Coach, 

Shamanic Guide

A Journey Home to You

There is a Welsh word, hiraeth, that translates to homesickness or longing for a home that seems just out of reach. 

But what if it is within reach?

I invite you to come home to a world where there is communion between spirit and matter, where light touches dark, and where heaven and earth meet. 

  There are those with an ability of how to walk between worlds. This ability is called:


North, South, East, West: Shamanic societies used to cover the earth.  There is one tool that I feel is most important among all the learning I have amassed in my studies and initiations.

This tool is the Shamanic Journey.

Shamanic Journeying is entering the dream state, slowing down the brain, enabling us to walk between the waking and sleep worlds. It is more than a guided meditation.  It is a glimpse into the realms where energy infuses reality. I invite you In, to the place where the worlds meet.

All to help you remember:

You are creative, You are supported, You are capable,

You are loved.


The wisdom, insights, intuitions, and creative ideas you will find in this space, can be integrated into your everyday life, bringing abundance, spark, joy, and stability to your personal and professional life

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Krystyna S., Engineer

"If your body, mind, or spirit are in need of healing at any depth, I highly recommend reaching out to this dynamic, intuitive, loving being. Her care, professionalism, wisdom, and heart are what the world needs."

Choose Your Path

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Emotional Body Release

What is it like:

  • Understand emotional and physical signals of past experience or trauma held in your nervous system. 

  • We will feel in order to release blocks & access the gifts behind them. Begin to reunite disassociated parts of the self.

  • Feel nourished, whole and centered in your inner knowing, released from pain.

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Energetic Hygiene

What is it like:

  • Ideal for highly sensitive people who "pick up" energy from others.

  • Learn to discern and keep clear boundaries. 

  • Return feeling clear, grounded, and with a protective shield around yourself.

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Meet Your Spirit Guide

What is it like:

  • Guides may be seen in the inner eye, felt, or heard; appearing as animal, plant, mythical being, human, master, light, or more 

  • Receive messages of clarity, support, and a sense of home. 

  • Return filled with peace, hope, and presence.

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Post-Retreat Integration

What is it like:

  • From yoga, to plant medicine, to transformational coaching, retreats can be profound and life changing!

  • However, once we return home, it can be challenging to integrate what we felt into our "real" lives. 

  • Return from this journey with real wisdom and steps to take to integrate the magic from your last retreat, as well as what's coming up now.

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Remember your Soul

What is it like:

  • ​Remember your soul and human connection to the Divine and higher self.

  • Meet your inner archetype such as: maiden, mother, crone, king, lover, warrior, or magician.

  • Remember who you are and why you are here, gain clarity around life purpose.


Business and Executive Coaching

What it is like:

  • Online or In-person, Anna coaches and guides individuals and groups to tap into greater creativity and innovation in their field. 

  • Learn skills to bring the abstract and unknown imagination into reality. 

  • Tap into the group consciousness to problem solve and create. 

  • Experience time honored shamanic principles cultivated for the current workplace.

  • Rates vary, please contact for pricing


45 minutes: $111

60 minutes: $150

75 minutes: $185

Length and frequency of sessions depends on the situation and person.  An hour session every two weeks for a few months is most common, then once a month, once a quarter, or as needed.  The meanings and impact of your journey will continue to unfold in the coming days and weeks after your sessions.

From the Blue Ridge Mountains
to You,
Anywhere in the World 

Blessings to you from the Mystical Blue Mountains of North Carolina. It's a pleasure and an honor to get to journey with you from close by the sacred land of the Cherokee people.  It is deeply moving to me, that I, with my Celtic heritage, feel that I have been allowed here by the land spirits. I give thanks to those that came before and at the same time, are still present.

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Get in Touch

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